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We are so excited to partner with Georgia FLEX to take student entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation to the next level. We’re all in this together as we strive to better prepare our students for the workforce!

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What is FLEX

What is FLEX?

FLEX was created with one goal in mind – to spark an entrepreneurial spirit in students. Program developers knew that with the right mix of sacrifices and rewards, students would learn to launch successful small businesses of their own that would eventually lead to a more vibrant, robust economy for the local community.

Students compete in three rounds of competition with the final round including a “Shark Tank” style presentation given before a final winner is announced. The rules of the competition are simple, and the prizes are big – up to [insert 1st place prize $] for the winning team – making this competition fun and competitive for all teams that enter.

The competition culminates in a Statewide competition where local winners compete for the FLEX State Champion title. Our community is proud to partner with FLEX to give our students the opportunity to build a better future for themselves, and our local economy!

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How can you help your local FLEX program? Be a sponsor!

Sponsorships are necessary to fund our local FLEX competition. These sponsorships are also a great way for the community to get involved with students and promote entrepreneurship.

In addition to monetary donations for prize money and other expenses, you can also be creative in your giving!  Some sponsors have donated things like:

– Business attire for student entrepreneurs

– Facility rentals

– Meals for students & judges

– Photography 

And more!  The possibilities are endless.


Be a part of something special! 

Reach out to [insert contact information] about sponsorship opportunities today!

Become a Student Entrepreneur

Attention all high school students!  Do you want to create a REAL business, make REAL money, and build your resume?  The FLEX program allows you to do all of this and more!  Begin networking with business leaders from across the state while you develop needed skills for the workforce.  Contact [insert name and contact info] today to learn more about FLEX!

Submit Your Application

High School Students:  Are you ready to begin a journey that will ignite your leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit? The Foundational Leadership and Entrepreneur X-perience is here, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

It’s a unique opportunity for students like YOU to:

Develop essential leadership skills that will set you apart.

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Network with industry leaders and fellow motivated students.

Gain hands-on experience through real-world projects.

Ignite your passion and unlock your full potential!

Why should you apply? 

In a world that craves innovation and effective leadership, FLEX is your chance to shine! If you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business, this program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to make it happen.


Apply today and be the change-maker you were born to be! 

Application Deadline: [Insert Deadline]