Georgia FLEX is honored to receive the support of leaders from across the state. Our partners recognized early on the impact that FLEX has in rural communities–by fostering workforce development in students and establishing a bond between local businesses and our school systems.

Thanks to our amazing partnerships, we are able to begin scaling FLEX throughout Georgia! Not only do our partners provide necessary funding, but they also offer access to invaluable resources and incredible support services to aid us in becoming the absolute best entrepreneurship program in the state.

To our sponsors - Thank you for believing in our core mission and values enough to invest in us, and as a result, investing in students. We know that this work is important for the future of Georgia and we couldn’t do it without you.



FLEX is proud to welcome Georgia Grown as our presenting sponsor! Their role has become vital as we continue to scale FLEX across the state of Georgia. Not only does Georgia Grown offer financial support, but they also have made the Georgia Grown Innovation Center available to our advisors and students as an incredible resource. They are also in the process of developing the “Georgia Grown FLEX Entrepreneur” program that will continue to offer support to student entrepreneurs after the competition is over. Agriculture Commissioner, Tyler Harper says, "We're going to give the next generation a chance to build opportunities for themselves, opportunities for their communities and for the state.” We are grateful for the support, connections and opportunities made available by Georgia Grown, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us!

Georgia FLEX is proud to receive support and funding from the Innovate for All program through the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation. FLEX is honored to have been selected as a recipient of this grant and we are looking forward to continuing to ”create and improve the opportunities of economic success for communities across the state” with the support of PIN!

FLEX is part of the Georgia AIM mission to create an AI corridor in Georgia. FLEX is partnered with the K12 Inventure program to increase creativity and innovation in rural Georgia students. We are excited to be endorsed by such an amazing institution who is already doing wonderful work with Georgia students. We know that their expertise will help us better serve our student entrepreneurs.

Georgia FLEX’s relationship with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has proven to be an invaluable asset to our growth and sustainability. Their support for our program shines through their involvement in our competitions, the networking opportunities they provide for our students, and their overall encouragement of student entrepreneurship.

Wiregrass Technical College has supported FLEX from the beginning. Not only do they offer scholarships to our hardworking students, but they also offer support in a variety of ways. This year, thanks to the Georgia AIM grant program, Wiregrass will welcome a staff member to their team who will become a support person for the program. We are excited to see how this partnership nurtures our student entrepreneurs as well as our communities.

SRTC has also partnered with FLEX through the Georgia AIM grant program in an effort to promote innovation and creativity in K-12 education. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our student impact as well as the leadership teams at the local level.

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